Who are SCORE counselors?

Willamette SCORE counselors are men and women from all types of business backgrounds who are ready to share with you knowledge gained from years of experience. SCORE counselors-serving as mentors, workshop leaders, and teachers-have already helped make business dreams come true for hundreds of small business owners. They can help you too. The Willamette chapter of SCORE is part of the national SCORE organization that works in partnership with the U. S. Small Business Administration (SBA) to provide professional guidance and information to small business owners.

SCORE volunteers help entrepreneurs make common-sense decisions about whether they should take the leap of small business ownership. Often for a variety of practical, financial and psychological reasons, SCORE counselors help clients realize they aren't in a position to take the leap from idea to reality. Other times SCORE counselors work side-by-side with clients as they turn a business idea into an actual working business.

SCORE counselors volunteer because they have enjoyed successful business careers and want to give something back to the community. Moreover, the SCORE counselors get great satisfaction from the accomplishments and successes realized by their clients