What To Expect During A Facelift Surgeon Consultation

When selecting a facelift surgeon, you may be wondering what to talk about and expect from that initial meeting. During a consultation, you have the ability to learn more about the doctor as well as the procedure. The goal is to get a solid understanding of what to expect from this procedure and to do that, you need to have an open and honest conversation with your doctor. The good news is that this information can help you to feel good about going through with the procedure.

Discuss What Your Options Are

One of the first things to talk about with your facelift surgeon is what your options are. You may think you are going to have this procedure, but your doctor is ultimately the one to determine if this procedure is right for you. Often, individuals with sagging in the midsection of the face, fat that's displaced or fallen and those with deep creases will benefit from this procedure. It can also help with the loss of muscle tone and loose skin under the chin and jaw. Your doctor will discuss with you what you view as your problem areas and if this procedure is right for your needs.

What About Risks?

You will also talk with your doctor about any risk factors that could play a role in the outcome of this procedure. For example, if you are a smoker, you may need to stop for several months before going forward with it. If you are unhealthy or have chronic conditions that are not under control, you may need to take care of those concerns first before you undergo this procedure. Your doctor can talk to you about medications, surgical risks and risks of not getting the desired outcome.

Ask Your Questions

Also during the consultation, you will get to ask questions about the procedure. Some you may want to discuss include the location of incisions and scars as well as the amount of recovery time you will need. You can talk about concerns about how you will look and how drastic the transformation can be. It is also a good idea to discuss any questions you have about other areas of your body you may want to fix, including your neckline, your arms and legs and even your breasts or midsection.