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Website Design Software   by Steve Wheeler

in Internet    (submitted 2007-10-17)

When you decide you're ready to build your website, the choices of website design software that are available to you may be overwhelming. If you're like many, you're probably wondering which type of website design software is right for you. Because the right web site design software for you depends largely on your needs, you might want to investigate the major categories before you make any decisions.

WYSIWYG. This rather long acronym stands for 'What You See Is What You Get'. This is a type of website design software that caters to individuals looking to see the final product as they put their site together. That said, WYSIWYG isn't necessarily made for novice computer users. While many website design software applications of this nature are aimed at individuals with little or no computer experience, this software can grow to be quite robust. Many web site design software applications like this have such powerful options that the creating individual is able to exercise every feature the Internet and web browsers have to offer.

HTML editors are a different breed of website design software and require the creator to understand the inner workings of World Wide Web code. HTML is a programming language like any other, and it is considerably simple compared to the programming languages used to create computer games and computer operating systems. HTML, though, can be a very powerful way to approach crafting your website. However, if you're unfamiliar with the language, you will find yourself at a loss. This would be like trying to speak Spanish without knowing any - a futile effort. Some website design software applications have built-in HTML help desks to assist you if you get stuck.

Coding website design software such as programs that allow you to use PHP, Flash, scripting allow you to open your website up to new possibilities in presentation and use. However, this software typically requires someone with good programming knowledge, and it's important to remember that the code used in these programs is far more difficult to understand than regular HTML. If you try to use these web site design software applications without the necessary knowledge, your end result, at best, won't work correctly, and at worst, won't work at all. That might sabotage the functionality of your entire website, not to mention the fact that it is certain to create security concerns.

If you are unable to decide which website design software is right for you, perhaps you should pursue the expert advice of industry professionals. There are many out there who can help. MaxiPro is one example of a long-standing supplier of website creation material and hosting. With a track record of good customer service, and some of the best offerings in the business, no matter what your website needs, they can help.