Website Creation For Newbies - 4 Reasons Why Font Size is So Important to Your Website

Newbies who are working on website creation often don't put any time or thought into the font sizes that they choose. After all, what kind of difference could something as basic as the size of a font really make to the success of your online business? The truth is that even something as seemingly intuitive and basic as font size can actually impact your business positively or negatively quite a bit. Here are 4 reasons why they are important for your website and your online business. Don't ignore these tips during website creation!

1. Makes Your Text Readable - Of course the first and most obvious value of choosing an appropriate font size is that you are making your text readable. If you choose a font that's too small, people will have to strain to read it. Not only that, but the text will look uninviting because it's all condensed and cramped up. Conversely, text that's too large will take up too much space and confuse visitors. Picking a font size that's large enough to easily see without awkwardly taking up too much space and looking like a headline is important.

2. Highlight Important Information - Another use of font sizes is to help you highlight important information on your website. People scan on the internet, and they want easy to find clues that you have the kind of information they are seeking. Creating titles and subtitles to highlight what you're saying and what you're offering can go a long way and is another important function of font sizes during website creation.

3. Helps your SEO - Your choice of font and styles can actually affect your SEO. There are particular designated styles of fonts that have the effect of placing importance on the text. For example, placing your page title in a H1 tag signifies to the search engines that it is a title and not just other text. If you then go ahead and include popular keywords and terms within your H1 title, search engines will view your site as having more relevancy. You can also take advantage of H2 and H3 tags for subtitles for the same effect.

4. Projects Consistency and Professionalism - An important use of fonts with your website creation is to project professionalism and consistency. That means picking the same font sizes and styles on all of your pages. A consistent image is a professional one, and it will make people view you as such.

All of these important uses of font sizes are extremely easy to achieve. There's no reason not to take advantage of these basic principles and tenets of font sizes. It's just another powerful tool to help give you an edge during website creation and promotion.