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Website Creation Checklist   by Christopher Ferrante

in Home / Home Business    (submitted 2007-02-12)

Website creation is probably the most important part of making m0ney online. Your website is your business, this is were you will generate your customers and sales. So you need to get it right in order to maximize your success and make money online. Your website will pretty much be a melting pot of all of your brainstorming, planning and analyzing. There are a few things that you want your website to accomplish.

Search Engine Optimization When you begin to build your website you should follow good SEO tactics. What this does is build free targeted visitors from search engines. Search engines will crawl sites and display relevant ones to keywords searched from visitors. Your ultimate goal should be to place in the top five positions in the search engines for your keywords.

Relevant Content Your website should contain relevant, quality content for the niche you are targeting. remember people search for information so you must deliver it. Good relevant content will get visitors and keep them coming back. It usually takes an online customer seven times to see your offer before they commit to it, this is a big reason why you want visitors to keep coming back.

Pre-Selling While adding relevant content to your website, you should incorporate pre-selling tactics pointing to your income generating links. This is definetly key to making money online, pre-selling will convert more sales than banner ads or text links alone.

Monetizing Monetizing outlets should be placed within your websites, this is where you make your money. It is better to strategically place monetizing links within your site rather than to place them everywhere. If you are trying to make money online your goal should be to get traffic and then point them towards your monetizing links.

Give People What They Want Yes you are trying to make money online but don't give your visitors a bunch of crap just to make money. Look for quality not quantity when it comes to creating your website, your visitors will respect you more when you have a quality product instead of trying to make a quick buck. Only The Beginning

Your website is only the beginning of your online money making venture but it is the bulk of it. So online money making ventures can stem off of your website but you must start with a good foundation other wise making money online will be short lived or non existent. Think of making money online like the solar system, your website is the sun and everything else revolves around it. The stronger your website is the stronger other income streams can be. Take the time to do it right and if needed do it over and over until you get it right.