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We offer cost-effective expertise and customized web design services   by Dennis Miller

in Web Development    (submitted 2012-03-12)

SineLogix is the Web Application and Web Design Company. Through its off-shore facilities, SineLogix follow comprehensive methodologies for Project Coordination, Project Management, Software Application development and other IT needs using modern facilities that meet U.S. Standards of quality assurance.

SineLogix has expertise in Applications, E-Commerce, Web Design, Web Development, Portals, J2EE Technology, Client/ Server Technology, and Project Re-Engineering.

The Company's focus is mainly on:

Web Design (Offshore and On-Site)

Website Development

Search Engine Optimization

Content Management Systems

Technical solutions

IT Services

Sinelogix's endeavor is to work with international clients in the areas of design, development and deployment of client/server and Internet applications. The Company has a new breed of global Information Technology team, to offer cutting edge solutions to organizations deploying new enterprise applications, integrating applications and reconfiguring their IT infrastructure to meet the competitive demand of e-business. The Company also offers On-line Portal and Content Offerings and provides its services directly to end-user organizations and other large and mid-sized companies and governmental organizations.

Sinelogix delivers market-proven software and services that enhance business productivity and agility by providing e-Business Solutions, automating forms and document-based business processes. A contemporary, powerful and standards-compliant suite of products enables customers to improve operational efficiency and gain a competitive edge by reducing manual data entry costs, improving information accuracy, automating routing procedures, and providing immediate, personalized communications to customers, partners and employees.

We believe that web design should not only attract visitors through visual appeal, but should also ideally complement SEO and allied campaigns. And this is only one of the innumerable advantages of hiring our services.

As a professional web design company, we have a decade of experience to back our promises â€" with an equally industry-hardened team of professional website designers