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The Things You Need In Website Creation   by Ruth W Harris

in Web Design / Graphic Design    (submitted 2012-05-26)

When I log in to Tumblr, Twitter, or any social networking site that I am registered to, I can’t help but admire the interface and the displays that these websites have. I cannot help but think that website creation must be very hard. With all the problems that you need to deal with- the bugs, customer complaints, hackers, and viruses, one wrong move can pull your website down.

Having been in to social networking sites, and having been exposed to the World Wide Web for almost every day in my working place, I have come to realize websites indeed provide a great deal of information, entertainment, and knowledge about almost everything. It caters to a wide variety of audience as well. Thus, website creation needs to be well-thought of as well as organized and safe.

Before anything else, you should remember that website creation is easy if you are prepared and in to it. Gathering information, formulating a plan, picking up important and practical tools for the website before making it will help make the process easier.

Here are some things that you need to know in order to create a substantial website:

Prepare a unique URL: URL or Uniform Resource Locator is the website address or the location of your website in which audience, customers, or visitors will use to find you. If you are setting up a website for your business, you can use your company name as the URL ( You need to make sure that your website address or URL is easy to remember, preferably a short one, so that customers will not forget it easily.

Choose a web host: Web hosting services are available to allow users to make their websites accessible through the World Wide Web. It is advisable to choose a web host that provides 24-hour support.

Images and logo: Business logo is important, especially in branding your business. Your logo will also help your customers recognize your company. Images catch everyone’s attention, especially when it is in its right placement. Remember to arrange the images that you will use in your website in an uncluttered manner which is not confusing to the eyes.

Give comprehensive web content or text: Aside from images, your website also needs text. Web content or text should get the exact message to your customers. Use keywords that are user-friendly so that your customers or audience will have easy access to what they are looking for.

Have Content Management System (CMS): Usually, most websites need to update information regularly. To be able to do that, you will need a content management system that will allow you to update information easily.

Include blogs and forums: To make your website interactive, blogs and/or forums will help. These media will help you know the reaction of people, audience, and customers about your website.

These are just some of the things that you need to prepare before or during website creation. I can’t say that your website will be perfect if you arm yourself with these things, however, the process of creating it will be easier and faster if you are prepared.

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