Starting Your Own Medical Transport Small Business

With the economy constantly in flux, one of the best ways to secure income is to own your own business. When the rounds of layoffs begin, you can rest assured that your position won't be in danger. You can also benefit from the flexibility and freedom that being self-employed provides. Starting a new small business takes time and dedication, so choose your industry wisely. If you're looking for a lucrative venture that also provides a helpful service to the people of your own community, then a medical transport small business may be right for you.

The type of medical transport referred to here is non-emergency medical transport, or NEMT. This means you will not be running an ambulance service, which eliminates the need for specialty training and equipment. Your business will be all about providing a valuable service to elderly or disabled patients by transporting them to and from medical appointments, hospitals, and therapy offices. As the population of people who need these services increases, so does your earning potential.

There are several segments of the population who can use this type of medical transport service. Elderly patients who are no longer driving, or are without a vehicle, still need transportation to their health care appointments. Disabled young people who may not be able to ride a typical school bus or public transportation can use these services to get to school. Also, people who have been injured on the job utilize this type of medical transport to get to therapy and medical appointments when driving is impractical or impossible for them. Aside from the many opportunities to make a profit, you can also enjoy knowing that you are helping an underserved portion of the population.

You may wonder where you will find the clients who need the service your small business would offer. There are several reliable sources for clients for medical transport small business owners. Nursing homes, for example, may contract with you to provide transportation for their residents. You can also find clients through hospitals, dialysis centers, or even school districts. There are so many ways to find clients that your small business should be thriving within several months.

If you don't know where to begin, start with Joel Davis' valuable resources. Joel has first-hand experience in running a successful medical transport small business and can provide you with all the information you need to succeed in this growing field. The industry bible, "How to Start a Million Dollar Medical Transport Company," offers a full 320 pages of Joel's proven advice. You can also choose his 7 disc Million Dollar Seminar DVD set, which packs all the informative content of an entire weekend business seminar into one package. You can also obtain one-on-one coaching from Joel Davis, allowing you to glean directly from his knowledge. Best of all, when you purchase mentorship from Joel, you will receive $1,000 in free materials as a bonus.

The MDT business plan is also available and is a valuable tool in starting your business. It is written specifically for the NEMT industry, is banker-reviewed, and provides insight into proven strategies for business start-up. The option is also available to subscribe to the MDVIP community, which is full of opportunities to network and expand your knowledge. The available Dispatching Made Easy software helps optimize your business, allowing you to dispatch drivers through their mobile devices via the Internet.

All this and much more is at your disposal. Get out of the rat race, stop worrying about job security, and choose your own destiny by starting a lucrative small business. Joel Davis is ready to share his knowledge and expertise with you, to help you build a business that will provide financial security for you and your family, as well as intrinsic value through helping the underserved citizens of your community. Please visit for more information on this great program and incredible business opportunity.