Seminar Topics - Talk Business Not It

Seminar topics are difficult to think of. We know that hosting seminars is an excellent way to network and use relationship marketing. The problem lies in figuring out a seminar topic that will appeal to the clients in your sweet spot.

When choosing a seminar topic, people in the IT business typically choose IT related topics. This is one of the biggest mistakes I see people make. The folks who are interested in technology related seminars, are other technology based businesses. If your seminar topic is on Voice Over IP, you'll get a bunch of audience members in the same business as you.

You don't want your seminar topic to attract your competition; you want it to attract potential clients. You do this by offering seminar topics that focus on business problems. Especially business problems you can solve.

An excellent way to think of seminar topics is to focus on an industry. Determine what you can you do to help the businesses in the industry, and, voila - you have a seminar topic that will attract the audience you want.

If you're going to do something for a general audience it will be harder to hit their hot buttons, but you must still focus on seminar topics that are important to a business owner.

Seminar Topic Themes and Ideas

Designing a "hipper" network

How to shop for the best file server

How to improve IT security

Increase your productivity with IT

How to maximize your return on investment in IT

Protecting against computer viruses

How to make sure your firewall is adequate

How to make sure your wireless network isn't exposed

Bottom Line on Seminar Topics

In order to come up with great seminar topics you have to think like your target audience. Ask yourself what the average small business owner is going to be most interested in. Design a seminar topic around a general business issue, or get really targeted and focus on a problem plaguing a particular industry. Either way, ditch the technology related topics and concentrate on business related seminar topics.