Insurance Website Templates - Are Templates a Good Choice For Your Insurance Agency Website

Insurance website templates are the fastest way for an agency to get a website up and running. They are a practical and cost effective alternative to hiring a designer to build your insurance agency website from scratch. With website platforms available to insurance agents today, using a template will not only help you get your site up faster, it will give you more flexibility to add to your site in the future.

What is an insurance website template? They are pre-created website designs that you customize to create your insurance agency website. Some templates may be downloadable, requiring you to edit the HTML and CSS files on your computer and then put them on a website host. Other templates are bundled into an insurance agency website platform, letting you easily change and update your site without any special technical knowledge.

Why is using an insurance template better than hiring a website designer? There are several reasons:

By using templates, you will be able to launch your site much more quickly. Some systems will help you get your agency website up in less than an hour.

Insurance templates will save you money. Because you are not paying a designer for hours of their time, launching your agent website with templates will cost you less.

You benefit from proven designs. Because template designs have a chance to be tested, they are more likely to be well suited to marketing your insurance business online.

You get choice. If you hire a designer, you will generally get one design from them. With insurance website templates, you have more options to choose from.

You are in control of your website. If you select a template that is bundled with an insurance website platform, you will be able to easily change and update your website without paying an expensive web designer.

What should you look for in insurance website templates? Not all templates are equal. There are several things you should look for:

Insurance specific design. Avoid generic templates that are not designed with insurance agencies in mind. Look for a template that is intended on meeting the unique needs of an online insurance agency.

Standards compliant code. You want your website to work across browsers, so look for templates that are built to the W3C standards. If you are not sure, ask if the template is "w3c standards compliant".

Support. See if the template designer will provide you with support. Ideally, they should provide you with a phone number to call if you have any questions.