Finding Free Advice For Small Businesses

If you are starting a small business or presently operating one, then you know seeking professional advice can cost you a bundle. You already have limited means to get your business going, the added the stress and expense of hiring professional help can sink your business faster than almost anything else. Well, there is good news for the business person who needs help but can't afford to shell out the dollars to pay for it. The following information will help you uncover some nifty options to point you in the right direction.

SCORE The Service Corp of Retired Executives (SCORE) has been established to help small business owners just like you. As a nonprofit entity recognized by the US Small Business Administration, SCORE consists of successful retired executives who have already been there and done that. Chapters are located all across the country and low cost seminars are helpful too. You can find one to one counseling with a former CEO, a VP of banking, a furniture store owners, etc. So many people volunteer to help ease the burden of business owners. Google a search for SCORE and you'll find what you want.

Business Expos Chambers of Commerce, business associations, and local governments will sometimes organize a business expo to attract business owners. Most people know that the U.S. was built on the backs of small businesses and it is these small businesses which help to propel our economy. The success of businesses such as yours is critical to helping new ventures get started, inventions to come to market, new ideas to be brought forward, and so much more.

Trade Associations Depending on your field of expertise, your affiliated trade association can help you empower your business. Some associations work closely with small businesses to help them get established with their local, state, and federal government; write up a business plan; offer tax counseling; discuss the hiring and management of employees; and so much more. Whatever field that you are in, it could pay to join the association created to help you succeed at your business.

So, if you have a small business or are contemplating starting one, then any or all three of these choices can help you out. Your taxes and knowledge helps the economy and it is to the benefit of many that you succeed at what you do. Seek expert help, but do it through an established and proven entity that can deliver to you cost effective results.

By: Joseph Hanoa