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Any one can create a website   by Robert Nixon

in Self Help / Advice    (submitted 2006-02-26)

Yes, anyone can create a Website, it is not as hard as you may think and it will not take a long period of time to get done. If you can not afford for pay for a professional to create one for you, there are other options you may not have considered.

Most people today that have a PC (personal computer) at home today also have some sort of 'office' program, either from Microsoft or some other company of the same level. You may even want to take advantage of the offers from the big search engines themselves, such a Google's new page creator, and have an additional websites on the internet.

These programs come with additional programs that make life easier, such as Word, Publisher, Power Point to name a few. Since many are well versed in one of these programs, they often use it's 'website' function as their first tool for creating a website. It all depends upon the level of the master program you install, and that depends upon the value you think the program will have for you at the time of purchase. For instance, you can get Microsoft office 'pro' or 'student/teacher', which will have only certain programs included. The 'pro' version has Access, FrontPage and Publisher, where as the 'student/teacher version does not.

You will just have to try them out and select the one you feel is best suited for your level of expertise. You can always at a later time,use one of the others and even a 'stand alone' program of some sort to make your website better, if desired. There is nothing wrong with any of the mentioned programs,I used Word as my very first website creation tool once Microsoft added that function to it. I have been active with computers since the early 70's when I took computer science in college and majored in programming. At that time is was all 'main frame' languages since the internet as we know it today did not exist. There was one but it was not available for public use and many did not know about it, only the colleges and government.

We know the search engines love to 're-visit' your site and check for changes in order to have the latest changes you have made to your site. There will be changes during the course of time as many change associations, add links or pictures and text. I too go through this and get tired of having the same old page jump up at me when I go to my site. If you are like most of use, you visit your site much more than anyone else. You like to check things like your 'hits', 'page views', and links ( to see if any are no longer valid ).

Here is where having an advanced editing program (the more common are 'Dreamweaver and Frontpage') comes in very handy or having a working knowledge of html code as you will need one of them to get your 'meta tags' in place. Do you have to do this? No, you do not, but if you do not then you may never get listed with some of the better engines since the 'robots' they send to check out your site for listing may not find the information they require.

The key to any website when creating it is to detach yourself and think about what others will like or think about what they see when the visit your site. There are physical aspects to this, not only mental ones. You will find in a room of many people they each will have input on what 'they' like. You will have to get the common factors and use those as your basic ones as the starting point for your site. You can always ignore this and do what you like and that is ok too. With the millions of new people getting on the internet every month, the chances of 'like minds' like yours that will love your site just as you created it grows. It will be seen no matter what, so don't become overly concerned and get your site up as soon as you can.

When Google came out with 'Adsense' they found many neglected certain aspects called site page 'hot spots'. These 'hot spots' should never be overlooked when creating a website or any of it's 'related' pages. Google has a set of articles about this.

I,like many of you, love to 'do things myself' and got advanced programs such as Frontpage to use for my website creation and up-dating once I had the initial site up using one of the basic programs such as the ones mentioned above. I am even more into learning how to use them myself by relying on the 'help' aspects. I have found that for me, trial and error brings more rewards. I also just have not the time to attend a night class or private class on the program, although I do think most should do this before attempting to do a site with an advanced website program.

Once your done, you will face another challenge and that is 'up-loading' it to your domain for the rest of the world to view. There are several ways you can do this or you can contact your hosting company and they will assist you or do it for you. If they charge will depend upon the level of site you have with them or other factors. I have found it is better to create the site first, then get your hosting. Let them know you have a 'web' ready to up-load. In the process you will also find it will take up to 72 hours before your domain will be viewable across the whole internet or for your hosting server to get what is called the DNS active.

The bottom line is to get your site up as soon as you can and start making money with it if that is what you desire.

Good Luck,